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Trustees of DC pension schemes and independent governance committees must now assess whether transaction costs offer value for money. This is a complex process, placing significant demands on asset managers, intermediaries and pension scheme trustees alike. CLEAR FUNDS will provide an independent assessment of whether transaction costs are under control and represent good value: saving trustees and asset managers time, effort and money. 

With CLEAR FUNDS, PTL will conduct an independent value-for-money assessment of the transaction costs for each fund, using our proprietary methodology. We will provide a report for each fund in scope for asset managers to pass onto their clients. This report considers both the cost data itself and, crucially, the asset manager’s framework to control these costs.

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The benefits of CLEAR FUNDS:

  • PTL will assume the heavy lifting of transaction cost assessment, making disclosure simpler, cheaper and  less time consuming
  • We estimate that CLEAR FUNDS will satisfy the vast majority of trustee enquiries
  • We will assess both the cost data itself and the framework in place to control these costs
  • A CLEAR FUNDS report will put the pure slippage cost data into context for trustees


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